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Recycling, Refurbishing, Rescuing

Last week I said that I would be dedicating the next few blog posts to talking about what our business is all about. I talked about our Apple and Mac repair and lessons. This week, I’m going to highlight our dedication to sustainability with electronics.


We are true Apple fans here, and we’ve got a healthy collection of working and non-working Apple computers from several generations. Some of them are broken, some just needed a little fix, and others are simply outdated. Some of them are useful mostly for the nostalgia they instill, and others are not quite so old and can still be used to browse the web and other such things. Often, computers that are just flat-out broken can have their parts used to fix another computer, or sometimes we even combine two computers into one to get a working whole. Indeed, with older computers, this is often the only way to get working parts. We don’t care if it’s a Mac or PC, if you have a computer that needs rescuing or recycling, we’d like to help. We want to give every computer the chance to live a long, full life.

Fix-It Clinics: Fixing Other Stuff

Our desire to increase the longevity and sustainability of often-trashed items doesn’t stop at computers. We have long desired to host a community Fix-It Clinic, and doing it under the umbrella of Duluth Technology Company seems like the perfect opportunity. Fix-It Clinics are community events where volunteers provide guided assistance to attendees to fix their household items. It can be small household appliances like toasters, other electronics, bicycles, or anything else. Lots of things end up in the trash that don’t really have to, and we want to reduce the amount of needless waste! We think hosting the Fix-It Clinic will be a valuable way to connect with the community and provide a service to individuals and our lovely environment.

While we don’t have any hard and fast details yet, we hope to pull this off sometime in June. We wanted to tell you now because we’re so excited! We’ll be posting details here and on Facebook as we determine them. If you’d REALLY like to be sure you get the news when we announce it, sign up for our mailing list below.

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