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Recycle & Reuse



We hate waste!

When your computer is finally done for or not worth repairing, please consider dropping it off with us. We love to repurpose, repair, or creatively reuse electronics. It can be old or broken, we don’t care!

When it comes to potentially useful electronics–or even justĀ parts of electronics–we’re a bit like hoarders; we just can’t bear to throw any of it away. Call us crazy (our family and friends do), but we believe there’s something else out there for old electronics other than being replaced every couple of years by a cheaper machine that’s going to break or become outdated in even less time than the last.

Have a fondness for that fully functioning computer from the 90’s but just can’t keep it around anymore? Trust us, we’ll love & care for it as much as you do, and help it find its purpose in life.

Have a dead computer that’s not worth bringing back to life? We’ll Frankenstein it up, and use its parts to bring another machine to life.

We accept all e-waste and offer secure data destruction should you be worried about the contents of your computer.